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Mini Train Speedy - FABRE Grand Prix

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A TITANIC AND PASSIONATE WORK ! We are all FRENCH SPEED GAME LOVERS. WORLD FIRST MINIATURE TRAIN - FABRE Grand Prix Motorized old models monitored by limocon. Former engineer manager of Ulsan nuclear power plant in Korea and actually CNIM technical manager, passionate collector of old models, FABRE invented a limocon competition.

On a monday at his engineer planing office, FABRE, who is the founder of mini train FABRE Grand Prix, was classifyng ancient files of Ulsan nuclear power plant in Korea. He found his own rich collection files of historic train miniatures he has gathered passionately during past 25 years and found a basement space to attempt to enjoy a Limocon Speed Competition by motorized miniatures at his apartment located Paris 16th district. However, he felt some sad alone at basement with noisy in a small space and planified to build a Limocon Speed Competition Space by a composition of containner boxes at a large garden of his manor of Bretagne at 5 hours' distance by car from Paris. By the way, his korean friend, movement theme art collectionner, invited him to open an attraction park "Mini Train - Fabre Grand Prix by limocon" at Country Club Loches. He accepted. By building and motorizing the scale model and seeing his korean friend’s enthusiasm with the developments project of the Château Verneuil-sur-Indre owning 48 hectars land, an idea began to emerge in his head. The consecutive evenings, he did some research on the Internet and found a video from Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, Mini World Lyon. He was totally amazed by what he saw, and was starry-eyed. He quickly realised that the Limocon Speed miniature game park concept did not exist in the world. By talking about it to the others, he was quickly convinced of the concept success. He joined to the developments project of Country Club Loches in 2018 and started the necessary recruitments to get a dedicated team with multiple skills in particular to highlight the French know-how and to work as much as possible with local stakeholders.

Mini Train Speedy Park model 1.

“The Miniatures Limocon Speed Competition - FABRE Grand Prix is not limited in mini trains, but to develop its animated artistic atmosphre, surroundings with new concept of contemporary art interprestations.

Production and conception

Design, producing and motorizing the scale models in Korea and all things of the worlds (houses and buildings, roads, vehicles, characters) are assembled and customized according to the French know-how, in order to reproduce typical French landscapes and atmospheres reinterpretated by a contemporary art concept.

Innovative design of rail material for speed competition.

Speed competition track and regulations

Classic miniature train museum

Mini train world Lyon

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